We can help you create innovative products and services.

We are partners, we play with skin in the game, we win if you win.

We do stuff.
We are engineers, designers, product managers, and business builders.

We have been there.
We have built ventures on our own, supported by a venture capital, or within a corporate innovation ecosystem.

What we do

From idea to the client’s hands within a few months.

We boost an idea with traction in the market until it’s ready for BAU integration.

Innovation strategy
Vision, opportunity space and innovation portfolio management.

Governance and culture
We establish the basis for replicable, scalable and sustainable innovation.

How we do it

Through IMPACT
Proven results in your business objectives: create new revenue lines, differentiate your value proposition and increase the value of your company.

Focused on launching ideas in a rigorous and structured way.

New perspectives and ways of working for the organization. New understanding of the market, innovation and organization.

Fast and colaborative creation
We work with you in multidisciplinary, mingled teams. Bias towards action eliminating barriers and inefficiencies.

Progress and success based on metrics and data.

State of the Art
Modern, robust and flexible techniques and methodologies.

We are the innovation muscle of EY.

We are An EY Venture, we are part of a trustworthy organisation with 170 years in business and more than 270.000 employees.