Mission Långstrump
How to reinvent ancillaries with a platform-like approach.
Mission inspiration
Pippi Langstrump who used her non-conventional accessories to create innovative experiments and change the way she moved around the world. With our travel client, our objective was to explore new ways to drive revenue beyond conventional ancillaries.
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The challenge
One of the most relevant airlines teamed up with 4AM to discover new opportunities beyond core-ancillaries products, that could leverage the company's current assets to deliver value for its customer along the end-to-end travel journey, with three main objectives:
Generate new revenue streams by delivering new products and services
Build better customer engagement and satisfaction (NPS)
Reduce time to market for their new offering
Our key outputs
  • A platform approach is a tech-simple way of partnering with new startups, allowing corporates to test new offerings while reducing risk and creating win-win situations.
  • A pitch deck is an effective tool to align all departments involved, create a unified decision and to convince stakeholders about the potential new business.
  • A corporate venture checklist ensures that the business enabling framework and potential risks are addressed from project inception.
what we did
We set up a mixed team of strategists, designers and technologists along with the client stakeholders to investigate, ideate, and create a business pitch deck. We underwent a series of key activities such as: organizational and market research, qualitative user interviews, co-creation and ideation sessions, business framing and projections, prototyping, and finally preparing and presenting the pitch-deck to the C-suite.