Mission Nivu
How to reinvent telecommunications at home using VUI.
Mission inspiration
Nivu stands for “Nueva Interfaz de Voz para Usuario” (New Voice-based User Interface).
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The challenge
A leading Telco company partnered up with 4AM to improve customer experience by replacing traditional landline home phones, by a voice-based more usable and accessible new device.
Our key outputs
  • Voice User Interface skill, enabling the management of all inbound and outbound calls at home, through voice commands, thus removing all accessibility and complexity barriers.
  • Users can access and manage all their home phone contacts from a companion app, that includes all home agendas, Nivu voice skill guides and special commands.
  • Fully integrated experience in a wireless hardware, thus enhancing the accessibility of home communications.
what we did
We worked together with SPC, a leading hardware vendor, and Amazon, to design, prototype and develop a new voice-based communication experience at home, that combines the power of voice commands with the rich functionality of smartphones.

This experience was grounded on an intensive user research that undercover all relevant pains and opportunities users face during communication from home. Additionally, Nivu Home Phone was tested in a real environment to iterate and refine all its conversation flows and feature designs.