Mission Shoal
How to design an innovation management framework.
Mission inspiration
The harmony in the movement of a shoal of fish, moving together to achieve a common goal, survive and grow in an uncertain and dangerous environment. Our objective was to evolve their previous innovation management system, providing our client with the tools and structure to successfully face their future challenges.
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The challenge
In recent years, a well-known Spanish multinational dedicated to the development and management of infrastructure and renewable energy was facing major challenges in managing innovation. In order to design a new innovation management framework to provide greater visibility and agility to the company’s innovation, it teamed up with 4AM.
Our key outputs
  • Business model innovation initiatives should be managed using different techniques than those used for traditional R&D projects.
  • Innovation objectives define the innovation strategy. The communication of these objectives within the company (using OKRs and digital tools) ensures its alignment.
  • The Global Portfolio Manager (GPM) is the key role to lead the innovation initiatives while guiding the company in the adoption of the new processes and tools.
what we did
We designed the company’s new innovation management framework in a three-phase process: Organizational research. We analyzed and evaluated existing documentation and interviewed relevant stakeholders.

We re-designed the innovation management framework at three levels: portfolio management, innovation management by project and governance and metrics frameworks design. Pilot: We tested the newly-designed framework with key stakeholders of the relevant business units to ensure its fit to the company.