We design, build, and validate profitable digital businesses in environments of high uncertainty.
And we do it fast
How do we do it?
Embracing uncertainty
We work in business areas where customer desirability, technology feasibility and business viability have not been validated yet.
Capturing business opportunities
We design and build digtal value propositions to attack revenue pools, once proven successful we help you to scale them.
Bringing experience and capabilities
We drop SWAT teams (business, design and tech) and start validating rapidly and incrementally in order to iterate our prototypes to achieve higher success ratios.

When are we the right fit?
Reimagining your business strategy -
When you are aware of the pressures on your current business model and need help to explore new opportunity areas for growth or sustainability.
Discovering new business +
Delivering new business +
Mission Långstrump
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Mission Parsifal
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Mission Shoal
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Mission Nivu
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our team
We are a team of engineers, designers, product managers, and business innovators with a proven track record in corporate innovation and venture building.